They Shot Pictures Ep#19: John Ford Part 1 - The Westerns

This episode of They Shot Pictures is the first in a series of episodes on one of the most beloved and prolific of American filmmakers, John Ford. On this episode, we restrict our focus to his Westerns and discuss in-depth the films, Stagecoach, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Two Rode Together.

On future episodes in this series, we will be talking about his War Films, his films that center around Communities and Ford films that focus on American History.

Sean writes extensively about film on his blog, The End of Cinema. He can be found on twitter under the name @theendofcinema. He also co-hosts another podcast called The George Sanders Show with his friend Mike where they pair a new film with an older classic and discuss both films on each episode.

Seema also co-hosts another podcast called Cinema On the Road focused entirely on world cinema with her friend Jhon. She is also on twitter under the handle @wormatwork.

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