They Shot Pictures Ep#37: Preston Sturges

Hibernating perhaps but not quite dead, we are finally back after a long hiatus and hopefully back to a more regular schedule. In this episode of They Shot Pictures, Sean and Seema are joined once again by past guest Nathan Rogers-Hancock to discuss the films of Preston Sturges. For six Thursdays in a row since July 8th, the Seattle Art Museum has been showing Preston Sturges films in 35mm with the last two (Miracle at Morgan's Creek and Hail the Conquering Hero) coming up. It seemed like a good time to rewatch and reconsider Preston Sturges's all too short career. 

We start off discussing his career in screenplay writing prior to directing his own films with a discussion of The Good Fairy and follow that up with a discussion of Christmas in July and end by talking about Unfaithfully Yours. 

Ed note: Apologies in advance for the technical issues that caused us to cut short our discussion of Unfaithfully Yours.